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        Our Products

        Plastic Table

        The NW Ester-soluble Temperature-resistant Gravure Ink is a new type of gravure ink designed for packaging of sanitary articles such as paper towels, webs, handkerchiefs and food labels.

        Plastic Compound

        The OHPF Compound Printing Ink is a light-package-specific compound ink that does not contain benzene or ketone solvents.

        Paper Gravure

        The OHCP Paper Gravure Ink is a high gloss, alcohol-ester-soluble, environmental-friendly inks.

        Water-based Inks

        The OHSW Gravure Water-based Ink is a high gloss, water-soluble, environmental-friendly water-based inks.

        Special Inks

        The OHPU-YG Two-component Matte Oil is a gravure matte oil designed for PET、BOPP plastic film.

        Address: No. 25, Tongming Road, Industrial Concentration Zone, Tong'an District, Xiamen, Fujian, China

        Hongshen Industrial Park, Longchi Development Zone, Zhangzhou

        URL:www.ohink.cn / www.kmb68n.com